IT is always under pressure from business users to deliver flexible, fast, self-service and cost effective BI and data warehouse solutions. Adding to the “Need for Speed,” delivery teams face the challenge of accommodating changing business requirements during BI projects. While expected, one business question typically leads to another which makes it hard to manage project scope, iterations, timelines and costs. The conditions tend to worsen when IT follows a traditional waterfall approach to BI projects. Executing this way can take several months to incorporate new functionality in a data warehouse and update reports resulting in IT backlogs and results that fall short of user expectations.

A more agile approach to BI is required, and one that supports business and IT.

Over years of experience, Nihilent has developed its Agile BI approach that accelerates customers’ path to BI success. Our approach is a powerful blend of the classic and the agile methodologies that addresses both data architecture and the need for speed prototyping. Nihilent's Agile BI approach involves value-based stages of Exploration, Evaluation and Evolution, enabling you to meet immediate reporting requirements in parallel with building a robust enterprise data architecture. Our Agile BI approach and self-service tools allow our customers to transform traditional BI project development methods to fit dynamic user requirements resulting in accelerated delivery, output and adoption.



Benefits of Nihilent's Agile BI Approach include:

  • Decrease time to market for delivery of BI solutions

  • Optimize and reduce costs of BI solutions

  • Reduce risks and failure of BI projects

  • Quickly adapt BI solutions to evolving business needs

  • Leadership can see immediate value of BI

To see how Nihilent leveraged its vast BI experience and Agile BI approach with Polaris Industries, a Microsoft case study can be found here. This case study explains how we built enterprise class BI solutions using SQL Server 2017 and SharePoint 2016 as the BI Platform, which resulted in a self-service BI solution across the whole company, ultimately positively impacting the bottom line.


Quick Start Program

Currently, Nihilent is offering for a limited time an Agile BI Quick Start Program. The following are included in the program:

  • 2-3 weeks- build out first production-ready BI solution using Nihilent's Agile BI approach
  • 2 days- free BI advisory services to help identify key business processes for Quick Start and analyze current architecture and data sources
  • Mentoring your BI team on Nihilent Technologie's Agile BI approach to facilitate self-sufficiency and best practices know-how
  • Blueprint of your enterprise data architecture for long term success


On-Demand Webinar

To learn more about Nihilent's Agile BI Approach, check out our free, on-demand webinar to learn how our approach delivers value to businesses in a timely and cost effective manner, while still keeping in mind the ever changing business requirements and over Enterprise Data strategies.

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