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Watch this video to learn how to improve your Warranty Management performance by delivering real-time analysis and expanded insights customized to your organization.

See how SightN2 for Omnichannel Marketing Analytics solution arms marketers with breakthrough insight and simplified decision-making tools to improve marketing performance.

Watch this video to learn how to combine the power of weather data with your organizations data, to turn insights in to high value predictive action!

Watch this video to learn how to create a PowerPivot BI dashboard from raw data in less than 20 minutes.

This video shows how to leverage SharePoint 2010 as a strategic platform for forms and workflows.

This video demonstrates how to create BI Dashboards with PowerPivot by using the FAA Wildlife Strike Data .

This video demonstrates the use of a Microsoft tabular data model for the creation of a motion scatter chart in SQL Server 2012 using PowerView. .