Many organizations struggle to implement solutions that support surfacing critical data, collaboration, automated processes, and content management. Failure or delays in any of these areas can seriously affect productivity and lead to missed business opportunities. Constraints and pain points in such scenarios include: siloed line-of-business systems (LOB), manual workflow processes, multiple versions of the same document, and high IT maintenance costs.  
In order to address these challenges, Nihilent helps enterprises extend and scale their business through SharePoint solutions, spanning planning to deployment. We use our proven delivery model and customer-centric approach to align the people, processes and technologies with the overarching goals of the business. 
Nihilent areas of SharePoint expertise include:
Business-Critical SharePoint
Backed by our participation in Microsoft’s exclusive Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) Partner Program, our  BCSP solutions make it possible for businesses to connect and use vital information from siloed systems to increase transparency, enhance team collaboration and drive more efficient business processes, while also maximizing the value and boosting user adoption of their existing IT investments. Learn More
Omnichannel Marketing
Our digital marketing practice is actively helping our clients leverage SharePoint to improve their customer engagements. With unique solution assets and proven customer success, we’re a standout in this digital marketing space. One unique asset is Nihilent's SightN2™ Omnichannel Marketing which is a pre-built digitial marketing solution that enables marketers to use advanced analytics to measure and manager the effectiveness of their digital marketing spend. Learn More.
Governance and Planning
We work with each customer to create a governance model, an implementation roadmap, and infrastructure requirements, each of which are dovetailed to ensure the solution strategy is aligned with business requirements and established usability guidelines.
Our expertise of SharePoint sites extends across intranet, extranet and Internet sites. We implement SharePoint solutions that bring users together from across the organization to share information, data, and expertise. SharePoint delivers in great usability, personalized experiences, and a single infrastructure that saves valuable time and dollars for organizations.
Forms, Workflows, and Automation
Forms and workflows automation allows businesses to manage and integrate information, while gaining visibility into business processes in order to increase efficiency. Nihilent has helped several organizations automate their paper-based forms and business processes by developing workflows around key business activities.
Record Management
Our services for record management help organizations increase productivity and information value through consolidation, while driving compliance and reducing risk across the organization.
Deployment and Infrastructure Management
With the roadmap created in the governance and planning phase, Nihilent is able to successfully begin the implementation of the SharePoint infrastructure and software installation. Further, the governance policies and processes begin to be implemented and managed.
Application Development
Nihilent leverages the Microsoft .NET platform and development tools for building applications that enhance user experiences, provide seamless and secure communication, and provide abilities for modeling a range of business processes.
Our custom application development practice complements our BI services and solutions delivery. Nihilent's state-of-the-art offshore center is fully geared to provide project management and development services and associated best practices.